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At Madhya Agency, we keep up with the latest tech standards and innovations. We provide you with ample options and have something in store, no matter what kind of app or website you want to create. Our team is well versed with the trends making them masters of their domain.

iOS Development

Xcode, Swift 5, React Native, PhoneGap

Website Development

PHP, Cake PHP, Laravel, Node JS, WIX, React JS, SquareSpace Database(MySQL)

CMS & ECommerce

Wordpress Development, Shopify Development, Drupal Development, Magento Development

Website Design

HTML5 & CSS3(Photoshop, Illustrator, CoralDraw, Indesign), JQuery, Frontend Development, Bootstrap, React JS, UI/UX Design

Android Development

Android Studio, JDK, SDK, Java, React Native

Game Development

Unity, Smartfox Server, Photongame Server, COCO2DX, COCOS Creator


Chill and Relax and get to know how we do it.


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  • Testing
  • Maintenance & support

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Chill and Relax and get to know how we do it.

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Our exceptional record in catering to the design and development needs of the top players in all the industries we work with, loaded with years of expertise and far-reaching know-how, allows us to offer not simply products or services but customized complete solutions that suites your company’s present and projected needs.

We recognize that business relationships are the pillars of progress, and that’s why our priority is to build secure relations with our clients and our associates. We see our client’s company like ours, and we work continuously on improving and fostering global connections to provide the optimum care to our customers.








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Build your brand value and recognition using our web development services
that ensure improved interaction with customers, increased sales,
and global upscaling of business.

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