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The best logo always tells a story of their brand.

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  • What is Logo Designing?


    The logo is strategically designed structured by companies to help their audience quickly identify their product or organization with just a glance, and give them a reason to trust you over others. Designing a logo is consists of lots of creativity, experiments, breaking and making rules, and having fun. A logo is always unique, tells a story, and creates a brand image that stays forever.

  • What is a good logo?


    A good logo consists of various things, but more importantly, it should have a good layout and have meaning. A good logo should tell a story and has an impact on the audience. It should fulfill the reason for making it. For example, if a shoe seller says NIKE wants a logo and uses a picture of vegetables, it makes no sense unless a shoe seller has some story after it, whereas if he put something related to its tagline or name. Nike uses just a tick mark as a logo because it says "just do it, "which we usually do while completing some work. Making a logo impactful and meaningful is an art, and only a good logo designer can make that too after researching all the USP of the brand and its purpose.

  • 5 Qualities of a good logo

  • 1. Simple :

    Simple logos are easy to recognize; people remember them the most. It is eye-catchy and looks sophisticated. A good logo tells a story.

  • 2. Scalable :

    A great logo should be scaled in measurement, and it should be appropriate enough to be scaled down or up and still obey its identity.

  • 3. Memorable / Impactful :

    A great logo should be impactful. Its impact is important so that the audience can understand your POV behind it, and it should tell a story and your work profile.

  • 4. Versatile :

    It should have a personality so that it can look equally good on digital as well as print platforms.

  • 5. Relevant :

    Relevancy is an important factor while designing a logo, its shows what one's work is, and that is equally important as the layout of it. It should follow the rules of looking great in a meaningful way.

  • Who Can help you in building a Good Logo?


    Various design agencies are doing this job, and they don't just provide you logo but the whole package of branding, social media, and whatnot. But to whom should you choose?

    A company that allows you to customize your logo in a way you want and who have good interaction skills so that they can understand your POV behind it. It should allow you to make changes till you are satisfied. A company with a team of expert logo designers and has some samples to show you to better narrate your requirements.

  • Qualities of a Good Logo designer?

  • 1. Researcher :

    A designer should always follow the trend as well as a researcher, who has enough knowledge about your brand and work, which he can relate afterward and can make a story from it which users can relate while looking at the logo.

  • 2. Interactive :

    A logo designer should have good communication skills so that he can convey the reason for making this design and also understand your psychology and demands for making it impactful.

  • 3. Timeliness :

    A designer should have enough time for a client, in most cases because of lots of work pressure and small team designer uses their previous work and is unable to make anything new which leads to the repetitiveness of work and copyright issues. The logo designer should submit it on or before the time of commitment.

  • 4. Creative :

    Creativity is an art; a designer should not just be aware of tools of software but should have enough broadness of thinking so that he can create new things under the limitation of requirements of their client.

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