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How Much does a logo cost, realistically?

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A logo is the face of your business. So, it is needless to say you have to be very mindful of what you choose as your logo. There are multiple ways to design a logo for your business. But the most significant deciding factor is the cost. Your budget for a business logo is again dependent on various factors- Scale of business, type of business, etc. This brings us to the real question- How much does a logo cost realistically? We have rounded up all the options available for designing a logo and what it costs so that you can pick an option best suited for your business.

  1. 1. DIY it! :


    Designing a logo yourself is undoubtedly the least expensive method of all. You will be able to personalize your logo and have complete creative control over the result. It is only going to cost you your time and subscription to the software of your choosing. The only additional cost will be that of learning graphics design if you don't have prior knowledge on the matter.

    The most commonly used software is :-

    • Sketch

    • It costs $99 USD for a one-year subscription. It has rapidly become a favorite in the design world but isn't print-friendly. This software is only available for Mac OS X.

    • Adobe Illustrator

    • Illustrator is the go-to software for designers. An annual subscription costs $22.99 USD. It supports over ten file formats and is both print and digital media-friendly.

    • Canva

    • Canva is a user-friendly program that costs $9.95 CAD per month. It has many predesigned logo templates to choose from and supports JPG, PNG, PDF, and GIF file formats.

    • Vectr

    • Vectr is a free program that can be used online and can be downloaded on your computer. It has fundamental tools and editing options but gets the job done.

      However, people get their logo designed professionally for a reason. The results might not be the best, especially if you have no prior design experience.

  2. 2. Online logo maker :


    An online logo maker may be one of the most cost-effective options available. It gives you multiple variations of sample logo designs based on information about your business provided by you. The most significant advantage of an online logo maker is that you can personalize the logo as per your taste. You have the creative control, but the logo maker does all the work for you.
    The online logo maker by DesignKIKI has 4000+ templates for various business types and industries. We have multiple tools, color pallets, fonts, etc., at an affordable rate.

      BASIC ($19.99 USD)

    • High quality PNG file

    • PREMIUM ($29.99USD)

    • High quality PNG FILEs

    • Vector SVG files

    • Transparent background

    • Unlimited post-purchase changes

    • Brand info

    • Lifetime Support

    • Full Ownership

    • Print ready

    • STARTER ($54) (COMING SOON!)

    • High-quality PNG FILEs

    • Vector SVG files

    • Transparent background

    • Unlimited post-purchase changes

    • Vector SVG, PDF FILE

    • Lifetime Support

    • Full Ownership

    • Print-ready

    • Customize your logo with our designer

  3. 3. Crowdsourcing :


    Crowdsourcing is like a competition where you give a brief on your business to a community of designers along with the price you are willing to pay for your logo.
    With the given brief, freelancers design a logo, and the best logo gets picked. The designer gives you the design in the desired format.

    Some great crowdsourcing options are :-

    • 99designs- $399-1699 USD

    • 99designs- $399-1699 USD

    • DesignHill- $199 USD onwards

  4. 4. Logo design agencies :


    Hiring a logo design agency is the most expensive option of all. A professional design firm will cost you anywhere between $2500-10000 USD.
    Most agencies will ask for a 50% advance on the fees before starting the process. It will also be a little more time-consuming. Any agency would take standard one-two weeks to draw mockups.
    To sum up, a logo can cost anything from $0-$10000 USD. Factor in all the variables such as cost, creative control, professional opinion, and choose what is best for your business.

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