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Six B2B Brand Awareness Strategies

nj.jpg Latika Arora

As a Business analyst, you're called upon to generate many measurable results and its statistics. You can measure your success in metrics like website visitors, marketing-qualified leads generated revenue, and ROI (return-on-investment).
If we talk about brand awareness, it is the ratio of your target audience to people who are aware of your brand, products, and services. Not having proper knowledge of brand awareness is a significant problem many marketers face.
Poor brand awareness can be traced to a lack of leads, little customer involvement, and no brand identification.

  • Values of Brand Awareness:


    Brand Awareness is an essential component of floating the boat of business. It is not only to make the audience aware of the brand but also helps to increase website traffic, particularly direct and organic search traffic.

    Let's discuss this in detail

    Consider an example here, suppose a website has 800 people visiting your website every month, and you are able to convert 160 of them into your potential customer. And out of those 160, you convert 30 people to transition customers.
    After reading this, you would be interested in making the initial figure of 800 to 8000 for this; you require brand awareness tactics. But this will not happen automatically.
    Results like these are not automatic; they are, however, attainable when B2B marketers make developing B2B brand awareness a central priority of their marketing plan.
    The real benefit of incorporating brand awareness strategies into your marketing strategy is that it functions as a tide that lifts all ships. The following are tried-and-true brand awareness strategies we've recommended to clients and employed ourselves.

  • 1. Create Content that appeals your, customers, by praising them


    Do you have a consumer who is doing anything noteworthy?
    Is your product or service beneficial to them in any way?
    When creating video spotlights or case studies on your clients, focus on what they're doing rather than what you're doing to support them. Your target audience will be able to see how your products or services are beneficial. In fact, 83 percent of customers prefer peer recommendations to advertisements.
    Showcasing your client's achievements can help you develop genuine, shareable Content that connects with your audience and is seen as more trustworthy than a case study that focuses solely on your brand's intervention.
    They also want to see what your product or service can really do. Client success stories instill in prospects a sense of "maybe I can do that, too."

  • 2. Encourage your people to work on their brands


    We aren't necessarily built to develop bonds with brands as humans.
    People, including characters, are easier to connect with.
    B2B shouldn't be afraid to be a "faces" firm.
    "Adding a face to your brand will help people to develop a relationship with your brand," Samantha Gold of Strategic Revolution writes.
    In B2C, there are plenty of examples of well-known brand "faces."

    Consider the following:

    • Lily from AT&T

    • Flo from Progressive

    Even if you aren't aware of it, this is already happening in B2B.
    When you hear the name of their company (or past company), you immediately think of these people:

    • Drift - Dave Gerhardt

    • Gong - Udi Ledergor

    • Basecamp - Jason Fried

    • Digital Marketer - Ryan Deiss

    • ClickFunnels - Russell Bruns

    But here's where it becomes complicated. You're familiar with these folks not only because of their job title but also because they've developed a personal brand.
    It used to be appealing to try to keep your company's brand and high-level workers' personal branding distinct. However, companies like Refine Labs are now encouraging their entire workforce to be active on social media and grow their brands.
    What is the explanation for this? People will recognize their skills, regard them as pleasant people to be connected with, and inquire about their workplace. As they expand their network, more people become aware of what they do and for whom they do it.

  • 3. Participation makes your presence stronger


    B2B companies have traditionally attended live and virtual events such as conferences and trade exhibitions, but paying for a booth at these events does not always result in a return on investment.
    Securing a position as a speaker may be the most efficient strategy to increase brand exposure by participating in live events.
    Actively apply to present unique viewpoints at industry conferences and trade shows, as well as endeavor to develop the thought leadership essential to become a sought-after live event speaker.
    Earning speaking chances necessitates thought leadership development, which often occurs in tandem with B2B brand awareness strategies.
    The 3 Steps to Becoming a Respected Thought Leader explain everything you need to know.

  • 4. Use retargeting and social media ads


    For a variety of reasons, social media and retargeting ads can be advantageous to firms with a low level of exposure.
    Initially, unlike many other sponsored awareness channels, social media advertising allows you to reach a larger portion of your target demographic for a lower cost.
    Furthermore, remarketing advertising allows you to re-engage people who have previously visited important pages on your website.
    Lastly, both forms of ads allow you to test the messaging and targeting of your website.
    If you're receiving a lot of clicks but not a lot of conversions, for example, you might want to clean up the copy on your landing page and make it more conversion-focused.
    This could also indicate that your targeting and assumptions about who your customer needs to change.

  • 5. Use BTS as a means of bridging interpersonal relationships.


    "Authenticity in Marketing Matters Now More Than Ever," according to a recent Forbes headline.
    In this day and age of data breaches and brand crises, the best policy is, to be honest. Customers consider authenticity to be a top characteristic that draws them to a business, according to recent research. Providing a behind-the-scenes video peek at how you work is one of the finest ways to instill a sense of authenticity and trust in your business.
    Gary Vaynerchuk, the legendary marketer, recently gave a behind-the-scenes peek at how his popular video series #AskGaryVee is developed, resulting in tens of thousands of views.

  • 6. ADD Values


    To create B2B brand awareness, trust, and thought leadership, B2B marketers realize the necessity of offering high-value content marketing for free.
    Raising the standard even higher than your current research-driven blog pieces, white papers, and eBooks, on the other hand, could be a valuable strategic tool.
    According to CMI/SmartBrief, 74% of B2B decision-makers perceive original research to be significant.
    Peer endorsements are arguably the most useful form of branded Content, followed by research-driven material.
    Our client created a magazine-style report on the current occurrences in the worldwide trademark industry, including an in-depth examination of new rules and regulations, to raise awareness of their trademark search program.
    This very detailed report contained Content that was equally as useful as the legal insights that clients would pay for.

  • Closure

    B2B marketers recognize the need to provide high-value content marketing for free in order to build B2B brand awareness, trust, and thought leadership.
    On the other hand, raising the bar even higher than your present research-driven blog posts, white papers, and eBooks could be a useful strategic weapon.
    Original research is important to 74 percent of B2B decision-makers, according to CMI/SmartBrief.
    Peer recommendations are perhaps the most useful type of branded Content, followed by research-based information.
    To boost awareness of their trademark search program, our client prepared a magazine-style report on current events in the global trademark business, including an in-depth assessment of new rules and regulations.
    This extensive report included information that was just as beneficial as the legal advice that clients would pay for.

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